Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Sorry to anyone who has been looking at this waiting for an update. Wrecked my bike and body, got them fixed up….sold my van to a guy in Belguim…bought and fixed up a VW Fastback…Sold fastback…my wife and myself had a baby…my daughter started kindergarten….not much work on the flathead has been done, I am playing dad most of the time. Currently stuck in the process of painting the tins and figuring out the foot controls and how to route the exhaust…….life.

I'm another guy who has turned to Instagram due to it's ease of posting. As I probably won't update this blog very often, you can find me on there under username merlinmerkin.

Talk to you soon folks.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hap Jones

Found a handful of NOS Hap Jones Harley water slide decals at a swap some time ago. Pretty cool. These haven't seen the light of day for decades. Judging by the very few other Hap Jones HD decals I have seen, these would date late-late 50's into the mid-late 60's. Going to try to get one on ebay to see what kind of a price it will bring....Everything's for sale...gas money for Born Free.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Time flies....

Been a lot of doing nothing. Trying to get a pair of lights out to someone, and working new morning hours. Not much time to play with choppers. Got the headers and side pipes on the Econoline, way stoked. Went to Yuba City last weekend and Mike showed me the finer points of lacing and trying a wheel. I need to get some spokes and do my front now, and spend a little more time on the rear. I'm glad I am doing the wheels for myself, and have good people like Mike and his dad to help me along the way.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Give a little

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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Sucks to see it go. i am selling my ironhead sportster tank the Fred at Fulton Paint Works painted for me. I figure since I am not using it, it's probably better with someone who will enjoy it. Plus, the longer it stays in my garage, the higher the odds of something knocking into it. Also selling my old Holy A/C and some sportster mids I picked up at the swap meet today. Swap meet was good, I got a crapload of linkages, rods, and other brake/clutch control stuff for a big $17. I haven't done anything on the flathead in a while now. I am a puss when it comes to cold, so I don't even want to go out to the garage. One of these days.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Just finished this light up for Brian's shovelhead. It was originally built by George from Spartan Frameworks. Really beautiful frame, cone engine, and a VL springer. This light fought me the whole way. It is a S&M shell and rings, NOS Cat's Eye lens, and a Browning silver-plated ribbed reflector. Vey tasty.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Got the tires on. 4.00-19 front, and 4.50-18 rear Firestone Champions.  I really like the tall tire and big (not 16") wheels. I polished up the ironhead drums as well. On the rear I had a crappy new repop chrome backing plate/sprocket assembly and decided to mate it with an original aluminum backing plate with the repop sprocket. That way I'll have a decent looking original backing plate and new rear and transmission sprockets and chain. I hate mixing old and new drive pieces if I don't have to. The hoops and spokes were pretty beat so I just plasti-dipped them for the time being. The future holds lacing powdered black hoops to the drums with stainless spokes, but that is big money, and to be honest, I am apprehensive about lacing wheels for my first time, but it is something I want to do. I got all my bushings, heim joints, and linkages for the brake crossover and clutch pedal from McMaster-Carr today as well. That should be a time consuming but rewarding job setting all that up. I actually enjoyed doing it on my first chop I built, my 66 Triumph, so I am kind of looking forward to it. My chain should be here tomorrow, so I can set up the drive components.