Sunday, July 31, 2011

For sale...

I ended up throwing a couple things on ebay. The first is the most fresh copper headlight.  Second is a brass Pioneer 400 taillight I did a while back, but the buyer dropped off the face of the earth. Check the link on the top right.  If you like either, we can talk.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Copper is coming

Here is a copper light I am working on. It is super-pink and shiny like a new penny right now, but I am aging it just a bit to knock it down a bit and make it more subdued. Should be done in a few. I wish I could keep them all.

The über-rare Brass British-Wassell Cap

These are pretty damn hard to find. I have found one other, and also found a brass oil cap a while back as well, and sadly it is no longer with us. Rumor has it they come off  Nortons. Keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

6 volts of fury

This pair is for a customer who needed them in 6 volt. The glass lens on the taillight looks a little goofy with the flash, but it is a nice black cherry in person. Just have to tidy up some details, and they are on their way to get nestled gently onto a 55 Triumph pre-unit.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Out of the oven...

Here they are, fresh out of the super-secret oven. This murk will soon be a beautiful marbled honey-maple.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yellow Snowman

These three are on their way. All spoken for (I even get one for my bike this time). These are gone, but I have lots on the horizon. I am taking a break from ebay this week, and just working on a few "commissioned" pieces. Plus, one very special light that is on it's way over to Fred at Fulton Paint Works. I am also sending him a Sportster tank to do up. He seems to be one of the very few guys who "get it"when it comes to paint. I am way stoked.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fresh Baked.

This one is hands down the smallest, coolest one yet. If I had to guess the age, I would say it is from the early 30's. It was well taken care of, not a dent or scratch anywhere, but the original paint had seen better days. Could not find a maker's mark anywhere on it. The halogen bulb just is bright as day. I put in some nice copper accents, and gave it an easy mount. If you like it, maybe we can work something out.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Pretty stoked. Got a couple tickets to see RANCID. It's always nice to see a band on their home-turf, and it can't get much closer than The Warfield in S.F. Saturday, September 10th.  The tickets were $20 each, somehow my online total got to be $70 for the pair. Fees and taxes. That's extortion.  It costs a lot to be punk.

Windshield sales skyrocket!

Pretty much self-explanatory. Difficult part is finding a place to mount it on my choppy.

Mo' Money

I just listed a bunch more brass lights on ebay, and have some more that I didn't list. Right now I have brass lights coming out my ears. If interested in any...listed or not...let's make a deal.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Still my favorite....(mute the player)

Travel size?

Hennessy n' honey blunts y'all.

Till we meet again...

I used to be in a pretty tight knit and small car club. Just a few guys, here in Northern stress. We were mainly just like-minded individuals who would sit and drink beers together, bullshitting the night away. Late one night we came up with the most choice name ever. Haters Car Club. So we scraped up some cash, and put it together for some plaques to be made. I designed the plaque, and off the design went. We get the plates, attach them to our rides, and are rollin' on cloud 9. A couple months later, I get a few disturbing pictures sent to me. Long story slightly shorter, it is a pic of a very similar plaque. Turns out it was stolen by some real-life Germans. They somehow got a pic of the plaque or maybe even a casting from the foundry? Well, these krauts proceeded to start up a German chapter without any of our knowledge. The shitty part is, a couple of their cars were better than ours. I remember they had this sweet Model A, all done up nice and traditional, sun-crazed creamy paint, simple flathead, tall bias plies on big wires, weathered king bee lights, 4" chop, etc.

Well, nowadays, our club is mainly a memory of fun times. We still have our retired plaques hanging on the walls in our respective garages. But the cars are for the most part gone. Children, mortgages, and 'real jobs' have taken the place of our 4-wheeled friends. Maybe it's all for the better. The 'scene" was getting a little thick with flat-black honda accord RATRODS, regulation 5" levi cuffs, and fat chicks with parasols. It was maybe all that jive that pushed us this direction. All the while, our plaques are waiting quietly. Collecting dust, yet gaining a certain 'glow'. Quietly waiting. Waiting to make it onto another old ride again. Waiting to see what the Germans have going on.


Another unhealthy obsession: AMF sportster tanks. I have a good number of them now. Since my bike is a 79, only 79-81 tanks will fit without hacking off the rear tabs and welding on new ones.  Not a problem for me, but I still feel a little queasy slicing into these sweet old tanks. The orange one is 70's tan-line/big bush sweet.

Wall art

I have an unhealthy collection of old helmets. I seriously need to thin the herd.  I only wear a few different ones. I do not own ONE legal helmet.

Solid Copper...

Extremely rare, this is now going on my ride. A little showcase of my wares. Extremely heavy duty, solid copper, with a stainless trim ring. I put in a 4412 bulb. Tested out last night on the way home from work. Now I just need to make a matching taillight!?


This one just sold on ebay for a very, very good amount. It was a taillight that came out wicked nice. I am stoked. Getting wrapped up and on it's way down to sunny Southern California.


Here are some lights I am working on/just finished...........

Let's Go!

Here it is. My corner. I stay away from the mybook/facespace types of places. But, for some reason I feel I need a little electronic spot to decorate and such. Enjoy. Or don't.