Sunday, August 7, 2011


Here's a sweet little taillight I finished a while back. I was going to use it on my bike, but instead decided to use a light that was all beat-up......? Anyway, it is a Guide B-31, and the lowrider "bolt-on-every-piece-of-original-doo-wop-felix-bumper-guard-chrome-fog-light-fender-skirt-coontail-and-GM-dealer-accessories-junk" types of guys seem to like them...a lot. I saw a few at the swap meet today, in cases, being polished with baby diapers. So I like the fact that I completely destroyed the chrome on it, and took the GUIDE mark clean off. I think it works and looks so much better as a brass chop taillight, much better than it's destined life bolted to a 49 chebby pickup with 314 other doo-dads. I actually LOVE lowriders -  the ones without goofy accessories bolted to them. The light is for sale.

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