Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I got the bike a little less than a month ago. It is fun to ride and pulls real good through all gears (I sometimes forget I have a 5th gear). The bike came bone stock. Here's a little grocery list:
Ditched highway and passenger pegs
Took off horn and signals
Got rid of the "Custom" riser and headlight
Ditched multiple chrome "covers" that served no purpose...Why do they do it?
Rear fender...gone
Swapped the huge stock tank and vacuum petcock
Threw on a 2.2 off an earlier sporty
Yanked the front fender
Installed some nice Progressive 11" shocks for the rear
Put on a traditional sportster eyebrow with headlight
Put new Biltwell low-rise drag bars
New Biltwell Tracker seat
Put my old 36 Ford spare tire ring on for a fender
Cut the fender struts off the frame (last night, still very tired)
Took the moto pegs off the Honda and cut them to fit on the sporty clevis mounts
New breathers handmade by FedExDale
A/C from Spitfire (thanks Paul)
Pangea plate mount


This weekend I will be  putting new traditional Avon rubber on (21" Speedmaster and a 16" MK2). Rene at MercuryMoto is making me up some very nice stainless bars, I'm putting a matching 16" spoked rear. Still planning on cutting the fork springs and putting a couple slugs in the front end to get it down a couple inches. Down the road I have to weld up some high pipes (I hate pipe wrap), cam cover chop, chain conversion, hidden switches and ditch the stock pods, shave fork lowers, maybe even some Buell heads and a Mikuni?

I have to say, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE my ironhead, but....for everyday riding the evo can't be beat. I can get on it and it just goes. Big fun happy time commute bike.

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