Sunday, October 30, 2011


A good friend moved to San Francisco a few years back, and left this bike in my garage to do with as I pleased. I just never really had the motivation to get it running, even though it wouldn't be too hard. It is a 66 Wards Riverside, made in Italy by Benelli. A street legal 2-stroke 125cc single. The tank alone is pretty bad-ass, speedo in the headlight, and the solo seat with hidden spring is really choice. My friend got it from some old tweeker lady with 3 and 1/2 teeth. It was her husband's bike, but "he got hemmed up for a long stretch at San Q", so the bike was sold to pay bills (meth). I decided to move it out, even though part of me wants to keep it and get it back on the road, fogging mosquitos. On craigslist now.

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