Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chopped and Stuffed

I got the N2 cams in and the cover chopped. And the bike actually started......then backfired and stalled about a block from my house. I could smell gas when I cranked it over and realized it wasn't getting spark. Turns out it was my lazy wiring job re-attaching the ignition pickup (I cut them to get the cover off). Fixed the wiring and took off----->FAST. Lots of low and mid torque, don't know about the top end yet. I am way stoked. It will work out perfectly with the soon to come Dyna 2Ki system.

I will take care of the (now oversized) sprocket cover next week when I do my 520 chain conversion. I ordered a 48 and a 23, both by Chris Products, but I think I am going to end up with a 21 on the front...super-torque-wheelie-machine. I also ended up getting a Renthal Gold O-ring chain. I know that the "O-ring" adds more weight than a standard chain, which is the point of converting over to 520, but I'm not road racing this thing..?.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Swapping Cams today. I picked these Andrews N2's up a little while back. They only have a few hundred miles on them, and are in great shape. This should only take a few hours. I am anticipating a lot more. It's the little things......Rounding off a bolt, modifying a tool to fit in a tight spot, gaskets that won't cooperate, multiple store trips, etc. I am going to chop my cam cover as well when I'm in there. Hopefully all goes well.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Swap meet

A while back I went to a crappy swap meet in the beautiful murder city of Stockton. Pulled a few junky parts, and a couple nice lights. One of the tempting gems was this minibike. While the bike would need a little more work to be complete, the paint job sells it. I never picked it up because I bought an old anvil which tapped my resources, and weighed damn near 90 pounds.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Time to do a little chopping. I got these two covers a while back and have been wanting to give them a little trim. The cam cover came somewhat pre-chopped (apparently they used a sharpened butter knife and some scissors) it needs a lot of finishing work. I've never liked how most people chop their evo sporty cam covers. They leave them too unfinished looking with sharp edges. I like to round-out the bolt holes and take the edges down (like on my ironhead one). The sprocket cover is going to get somewhat skeletonized, leaving the interior gussets for the framework. Shitty because the chrome is factory, so it's going to take some real work to get it back down to bare aluminum. Stay tuned for some after pics.

Transgender Hack Job

I put up another quick How-To on Chop Cult today. It is how to turn your lame proprietary foot peg perches on an ironhead into a more universally acceptable format. In a nutshell, it turns the male mount into a female mount. No hormones necessary. CLICK HERE.

Personal Massager

Today I got this. It was 1/2 price, and I have been wanting to toy with one of these for a bit now. I don't really know what I'm doing yet, but threw an odd assortment of things in to see what happens. There is a rough chopped aluminum clutch perch, a stainless bolt or two, a brass nut, and a beat up nissin m/c off a gixxer. I have them in a blend of walnut shells and some ceramic triangles. Maybe I'll do a little research to increase my chances of success, and decrease my chances of throwing this thing off an overpass.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dealer has 21

Turns out the correct number of Supertrapp discs is 21. At least on my bike. I can't wait to raise that number by a few in the very short future. I have a new Dyna 2ki ignition and some Andrews N2 cams that are next on the list.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Tail

I've been slacking on the lights lately. Been pretty cold in my garage late nights when I get off work, so I don't spend too much time there. I have so many unfinished lights that are just waiting for the right owner. Hopefully be back in business soon. Get in touch.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stainless is forever

I just put on a new stainless Supertrapp 2into1exhaust system. I am way stoked on it so far, and it will only get better when I have time to properly tune it. And to add to the stainless fetish, some new bars made by Rene at Mercury Moto. I don't think he has a site up yet, but HERE is a thread on Chop Cult about what he does. I told him the general dimensions and parameters, and he just killed it. I will never take these bars off my bike.