Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chopped and Stuffed

I got the N2 cams in and the cover chopped. And the bike actually started......then backfired and stalled about a block from my house. I could smell gas when I cranked it over and realized it wasn't getting spark. Turns out it was my lazy wiring job re-attaching the ignition pickup (I cut them to get the cover off). Fixed the wiring and took off----->FAST. Lots of low and mid torque, don't know about the top end yet. I am way stoked. It will work out perfectly with the soon to come Dyna 2Ki system.

I will take care of the (now oversized) sprocket cover next week when I do my 520 chain conversion. I ordered a 48 and a 23, both by Chris Products, but I think I am going to end up with a 21 on the front...super-torque-wheelie-machine. I also ended up getting a Renthal Gold O-ring chain. I know that the "O-ring" adds more weight than a standard chain, which is the point of converting over to 520, but I'm not road racing this thing..?.

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