Sunday, December 4, 2011


The California Highway Patrol seems to think my bike would be safer with turn signals and a mirror. I got the tickets a few months ago, and waited till the last minute to put these hideous parasites on. It's nice because I made it all quick release and externally wired, so I can take it all off in 2 minutes and put it back on in 5. This is the healthy choice for the next time an officer decides to justify his paycheck on my bike's behalf.  I will keep them safely boxed for future use. Now this week I must ride it over to the CHP office, sign it off, go to the courthouse, pay the fine and skirt that bench warrant.

A quick word about not having a mirror. Without a mirror, you can't see the flashing lights behind you  (you also can't hear the siren due to your illegal exhaust). By the time the [motorcycle] cop gets up beside you, he is pretty pissed. Chill out, it's going to hurt a bit.

Respect only goes so far.

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