Monday, December 3, 2012


Just finished this light up for Brian's shovelhead. It was originally built by George from Spartan Frameworks. Really beautiful frame, cone engine, and a VL springer. This light fought me the whole way. It is a S&M shell and rings, NOS Cat's Eye lens, and a Browning silver-plated ribbed reflector. Vey tasty.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Got the tires on. 4.00-19 front, and 4.50-18 rear Firestone Champions.  I really like the tall tire and big (not 16") wheels. I polished up the ironhead drums as well. On the rear I had a crappy new repop chrome backing plate/sprocket assembly and decided to mate it with an original aluminum backing plate with the repop sprocket. That way I'll have a decent looking original backing plate and new rear and transmission sprockets and chain. I hate mixing old and new drive pieces if I don't have to. The hoops and spokes were pretty beat so I just plasti-dipped them for the time being. The future holds lacing powdered black hoops to the drums with stainless spokes, but that is big money, and to be honest, I am apprehensive about lacing wheels for my first time, but it is something I want to do. I got all my bushings, heim joints, and linkages for the brake crossover and clutch pedal from McMaster-Carr today as well. That should be a time consuming but rewarding job setting all that up. I actually enjoyed doing it on my first chop I built, my 66 Triumph, so I am kind of looking forward to it. My chain should be here tomorrow, so I can set up the drive components.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Got the 38-40 knucklehead springer on, top clamp, and some older servi-car police bars on. I am not digging the bars that much, they really dwarf the tank. Maybe they'll just take some getting used to after having narrow bars on my other bikes for so long. I have a set of Biltwell 4-Aces coming that I will try out. Top clamp was a complete pain in the ass. Note to self, take off powdercoat before trying to jam a seemingly press-fit clamp on. Had to get real creative with all-thread, a rubber mallet, miscellaneous nuts and bolts, and a homemade puller. Also got the clutch and belt drive on (with the exception of the lock plate and keyway on the front pulley. The clutch hub gave me trouble fitting it in the basket, heat and cold did nothing. I finally stuck it in my drill press and pressed it on while it was frozen. A few other odds and ends were thrown on as well. My Haifley Bros. seat and pad is amazing, can't wait to mount them up.

Everything so far has been a bolt-on affair, it is time to do some actual 'work' on the bike. This weekend I am going to weld on the seat spring posts, gas tank bungs, and seat hinges. I am using two Biltwell hinges, one for the seat, one for the gas tank. I will be using a AHRMA-style rubber strap to mount the back of the tank, making it able to flip up and off with ease. I'm still torn on what I want to do with the wheels. They are pretty grimy, so I am not sure if I want to blow them apart and powder coat them, or wait until I have done a shake down on the bike and need to do paint and such on all the miscellaneous parts. Still a ways off.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Got the brake side lined up. I will of course be trimming the mount and shaving off at least 5 pounds. The brake lever is also going away in favor of a smaller tucked-in one I will bend up. I ordered nearly 3K worth of parts through Mike at OLD-STF. Pretty nice to have someone as knowledgeable as him and his dad so close by. Sold my evo sportster to pay for the flathead parts and such. It should work out pretty well. I have a reproduction knuckle springer, belt drive, and a cycle electric gen/reg combo on the way, along with a bunch of other parts. That is about it for the buying, time to start building.


I put this on ebay, as I really don't have a use for it. Chrome over solid brass Flanders (?) inline top clamp. 99¢ and it could be yours.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Snug as a bug, the motor is finally home and in the frame. It's been a long trip just getting this far, and a long way ahead.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some things

Selling a couple things for my friend Brian. A sweet new-ish nosecone magneto set-up for shovel or evo (70-99), and a really nice old-chrome Linkert M74. I also finished up a couple lights, one of them is this nice thick solid copper one with a H4 hi/lo set-up. Hopefully picking up my motor on Wednesday. Pics will follow.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting closer.

The engine is done and ready. I have the tranny safe and nestled into the frame. Just need to raise up a bit more cash to pay off the motor and bring it home. I can taste it.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Golden Goose

Got a old "Bates-Style" seat on ebay last week. Not too bad, a little rough. When it got to me, I noticed it had a golden tinge underneath the black vinyl cover. After peeling it off, it was refreshing to find a great example of a rare gold flake vinyl Bates. The skinny and thin one. Has some wear and tear, but still nice. I kind of was bummed because I was planning on using the black seat on my flathead, but i guess I will sell the Gold Bates to fund buying a new seat. Gold is just a bit too flashy for this bike. I don't much care for the Bates name, I just like the look of them when they are worn in. I think I will end up going with a Haifley Bros. thin pleated seat and mini p-pad combo.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hate to let them go, but choppers are for nerds. Just kidding. I just don't really like sissy bars all that much. They are handy, but I like the minimalist strut personally. Hope they go to a good home. Trying to get $130 each on Chop Cult, and stay away from ebay. I know I could get more on ebay, but decided to go for the quick sale. Chop Cult is good for that, but you have to deal with yahoos trying to play lowball or trade me take off twin cam shit or dyna fairings.

(Wow! TWO motorcycle posts in a row? Weird.)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Up High

Got my project on a workable level. A while back I found this steel tabletop and legs at Ikea in the broken bins. It cost the sum of $7, and has been sitting in my backyard until today. So far, everything is just laying on the frame. I will be getting my engine and tranny back anyday now ($$$), so it was time to get serious. I finally have a mental picture of the stance and I'm digging it. I somehow have to come up with the scratch for a springer and to pay off my machinist. Then, the fun begins.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


I found this most excellent piece of graffiti scrawled on a window downtown. It's the old Church of Scientology building. I think they should ally with the Mormons and form a super-religion to rule the galaxy. We believe.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Spiritual music festival

This was at my Starbucks bulletin board. From what i can gather, the rest of the "musicians" play pan flutes and do interpretive dance. I just happen to think this guy is worth the price of admission alone. With a name and face like that, how can you go wrong?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Swap of the Meat

Found a bunch of crap today. Some for me, some to flip, most I didn't need. My machinist was there and for no reason he gave me a set of door hinge stops for my Econoline van (still in the Ford box...WOW!)Got some heavy wild springer risers, a couple springer top clamps, a set of evo Sportster mids (hot ticket nowadays), one Flander's dogbone riser minus top clamp (to hang out with my other Flanders without a top), new ironhead sportster axle, and the most kick-ass Hurst/Airheart mini cast aluminum caliper. Chopper goodies.

Hell Box

Got this at a swap meet a few years back. Full of miniature stainless hardware. Hell Box....hmmm, reminds me of a girl I used to date. Pow!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hotel Amenities

Bikes, beds, bros.
Oil, gas, grimy clothes
Early bird, late riser, we will set this place on fire.

River Ride

Short vid of the ride to Antioch, along the Sacramento River. Doesn't get much better than this. (except for the bee that hid in my helmet at the first gas stop) oh, turn the volume down, iPhones aren't so great when recording wind and v-twins.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Direct Mount

I put one of those beat-up crappy Drag Specialties tachs on the bike this weekend. I used the part that would normally cinch the cable to the back of the tach or drive. Drilled the end so it was all thread inside, and used it as a coupler. Cut a 2" piece of the inner cable (remember they are round, but square where they meet the tach or drive), then I welded the round part of that cable so it wouldn't fray, and hammered it square when it was red hot. Made up a nice thick bracket to secure it all, and it is good to go.

50¢ French Tickler

I was at my local grocery store this morning and see this. Now you can spare the embarrassment of going into the rubber dick and film store. Or just get some for your kids. But,,,why are they made for adult sized fingers?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Photo above not mine (I can't afford aluminum heads). Anyway, the 45" is slowly chugging along. Garry still has the motor and is wrapping it up as I type. I also gave him my early shovel 4-speed to do up. I am expecting a large bill for all this machine work, but I know it will be worth it. I imagine this engine will be bulletproof after this. I got an original springer on ebay last week, and unfortunately when it got here, it seems to be beyond repair. I contacted the seller, and he is working with me for a return, so it goes back to UPS tomorrow. Going to go with an all-black reproduction BT springer through Mike at Old-Stf. He has been helping me with advice and parts on this build. I am lucky to have him within an hour's drive of me. I have the wheels (both early Sportster drums 19/18), frame, oil tank, gas tank, and a few other parts stashed. Once I get the engine in for mock-up, I can start welding on mounts and such. Pretty excited.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Still Kickin'

I'm still making my lights. Despite the couple of turds on ebay biting my style, mine are selling well. The funding goes straight back into my 45" build, and stays here in the USA. Here's a couple I just finished. Head is an S&M Red Cap, tail is a Guide B-31. They are nice solid lights.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tall and just a little chunky

I took off the ribbed Speedmaster and threw on a MK11 4.0-19 for the front. I dig tall sidewalls. It matches my rear Avon 5.0-16, and raises the front just a bit. I might want to level it out, but not sure yet. It said rear use only when I ordered it, but I am a rebel, as you can tell. This might add a few parsecs to my Kessel Run, but I'm OK with that...It's a chopper, not a race-only-hi-performance-nitro-burning-shit-machine.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


I made this movie. It is not that great, but it really encompasses what I deal with every day at the store. Cankles and Crocs. Straight to hell for this guy.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Order Up.

Just finished these. The headlight is small, yet packs a good 50watts. Taillight is a Yankee 120 that I have desecrated and welded in a new substructure for the LED cluster (sorry knucklehead purist weirdos). I think I am going to run a taillight like this on the 45, and a headlight that's similar, only huge. Tiny chopper headlights are cool, but a fatso can also be classy.


I hate ebay. I have been selling some stuff on there lately to pay some bills, but it's not by choice. How else do you sell things nowadays? Swap meet? Maybe, but I don't have enough to take and spread out on a blanket, so I do ones and twos every now and then on ebay. Chop Cult and Jockey Journal are out usually due to the large amount of old period-correct d-nozzles, cheapskates and people who want "bro deals" (you can place the people on the respective sites I'm sure.)

Anyways, I sold this nice 45 cam cover to a guy in France, long story short, he is a dick. So I urge you not to send ANYTHING to a guy named vanille24xx or "Federic Nxx." He will try to extort you.

RIP cam cover, France is now excluded.

Monday, July 16, 2012

More swap meet scores

This van was kicking it for sale at the swap. Pretty bad-ass 75 Chevy. The guy selling it found it in his family garage, changed the fluids, fresh gas, and got it smogged. The inside was dope as well. AC is choice in a beast like this. $2000 and it could be yours.
Besides the tooth, found a couple of nice brass shells (don't worry, not going to put them on my bike and go Billy Lane status), some sweet little S&M lights, a nice KD light, an AMF license plate alarm, an 8-ball, an 18" rear sporty drum (going on the 45" once I re-spoke it), and a bad-ass tiny 2" HD speedo made by Veglia (it probably came off one of their crappy Italian bikes). Should be good for the 45, since I don't anticipate riding much more than 80, and short bursts at 88mph. The red tractor light is actually pretty sweet. Steel Guide with a screw-on terminal on the back. Think it will