Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I finally wet-sanded and buffed the Purps tank tonight. Threw it on the bike, cruise around with it tomorrow to see how the light hits it. I dig the purps.


  1. Nice! What do you buff it with?

  2. Old tube sock, No. 7 Polishing Compound, and my hand. Before that I wetsanded with 1500 for a bit, then 2000 for a bit as well. I then used some just miscellaneous dried-up polish clearcoat finishing chemicals that were in my garage.....I think McGuire' smelled like bananas. I could definitely take dome more time with the buffer/polisher, and a high quality compond, would like to try the automatic one next time. Thanks, good luck.

  3. Awesome. Thanks! Trying to do mine with a rattle can, and I'm finding that a pain. The "purps" turned out very retro-cool!