Sunday, February 12, 2012


After a long and tiring weekend, I picked this up a few minutes ago. Best I can tell, it's an old AEE square tube springer, about 10" over. Skinny 3-1/4" in between the uprights. Has a 1" stem, 5/8" axle, the bushings are near perfect, and the chrome still shines like a mirror. The guy who sold it to me also had a 21" spool I might pick-up to go along with this beast. Ordering up some new neck cups and it's ironhead makeover dress-up.

I have to give thanks to the guy I got it from on Chop Cult. I won't mention his name, but he put it on there, as a "pick-up" no-shipping type deal. I was the first to say I would come pick it up, and he held true to his promise to hold it until I could get out there late tonight. He was offered double the price by some of the jackals on there, but his integrity shined through, and for that I salute him. Not many people that stay true to their word anymore, especially when faced with money.

I'm not so much into the name or brand....Bates, AEE, Cheetah, Aris, Wassell, Anderson's, Tampax, Guess Jeans...etc. I just like cool old parts, and a bitchin' springer was part of my vision for this bike.


  1. Very cool piece. And you are right--the guy who sold it to you is a class act.

  2. Stoked. Now just dealing with all the BS of neck cups, stems, 5/8" axles, and spool wheels. Looks like the springer's been cut down a bit before, so if I need to take a few inches off, I won't feel bad. But it is definitely staying long. Looks to be 10-12 over, I might end up with 6-8 over and a 21" spoolie.

  3. That should be very cool. Going to use raked cups? Raked trees? Cut and weld for your rake? Looking forward to seeing it done. That springer is hot!

  4. Getting ANY cups is proving to be a problem. I talked to SugarBear and he said he will make me a set, but they are pricey...might be worth it getting them from "The man himself" though. I kinda want to do the whole up high in the air with no rake look, with some rabbit ears. Early 70's short chop style. I got a 21" spool and some shorty rockers. I odered some neck cups from the factory metal works a week ago but have heard nothing from them since, so who knows what's up. Billetwerxs used to make them, but they went out of business.