Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Been a while...

Finished these up today for a Chop Cult member with a sweet ironhead. Nice matching set, has an internally wired headlight with hi-off-lo and only one wire out. Radiantz high-power LED cluster in the taillight. Bling.

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  1. Hi overthere,
    like your work, I also try to find old lamps for my bikes here in germany
    I got a similar headlamp like yours in the pic and now I 'm looking 4 a rearlight like yours.
    I seen it on ebay once or twice but was to late or did not have enough money to buy it or the one did not send out of the usa.
    so maybe you can write me and tell me if, you still have some small lamps which I could use as rear lights. maybe you can also send me some pics and prices....

    ride free & wild

    and all the best 4 your buisness