Friday, April 27, 2012

The Plaque is Back

Not a hot rod. Not a custom. Not a flat black PT Cruiser. It's a van. It's a box of hate. A motorized cube of ill-wishes. It holds 3 motorcycles, and 6-1/2 dead hookers. The Haters 'Car' Club lives on.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Van Spaghetti

Getting a little work done on the van in the time I can spare. Hooker tube headers making an appearance this weekend along with some 70" functional side pipes. Going to take it over for final welding to my muffler guy Felipe, who has always treated me right. He has a mexi-mullet with a natural skunk-stripe down the center. Pretty sweet.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Swapping of the Meat.

Went to the Stockton swap meet today. Lots of goofy lowrider stuff, lots of cool lowrider stuff. I found some real gems though. 45 or Hummer speedo, a matching pair of copper headlights, and a couple other misc doo-dads. The highlight is the all-metal knockoff center caps for my slot mags. Stoked. Nobody had a decent deal on chinese lug nuts, so I ordered some USA made ones from Summit. I also found a cool banjo wheel, and earlier in the week I scored the cream of the crop, an old 60's Cragar gold metalflake steering wheel, 16" of pure rare goodness. Definitely going on the van, but it is a 4-hole mount unlike the standard 3-hole Grant Superior, Covico, etc. Going to make an adapter to adapt the adapter to the wheel. Confusing to me, but I think I have an idea on how to accomplish this. I would hate to drill extra holes in the wheel.

Fresh Meats.

I almost spent as much on tires as I did the entire van. I've always liked the BFG Radial T/A's...I had them on my 69 Nova. Big-n-little style, the backs are 245's, the fronts are 215's, both 60 series on 14" Indy Slot Mags (soon to be polished up a bit).

On another note, I grabbed some new 70" Patriot sidepipes that were too good of a deal to pass up. This is the short wheelbase cargo van, so they are gonna fit that space quite nicely. Bangin'.

Friday, April 6, 2012


I just picked this van up. It is a 73 Econoline, with a 302, and 3 on the tree. Runs great, shift linkage is beat. I'm digging the slot mags, and they are going to look great with a little rake, big n' little tires (white-letters out)......BFG or Goodyear...? Has the original lace panel job which I would like to preserve, just get it looking clean with a good wax job.  Some interior refinements are in order, because so far it has nasty shag and wood panelling.....both of which are falling apart. I have already ordered some Patriot sidepipes. It will fit 3 bikes+. Born Free chase vehicle?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Stuff

Here's a few things I had laying around. Brass Brit/Wassell Cap, screw-in brass oil cap (with oil recommendations), an original perfect Yankee 120 taillight, and a 'King of the Road' taillight with frosted glass. It is cool, it has an old Bakelite medallion on the top that lights up with the taillight. I put the blinding bright Radiantz LED's in them as usual. They are both tiny and chopper chic.