Sunday, April 15, 2012

Swapping of the Meat.

Went to the Stockton swap meet today. Lots of goofy lowrider stuff, lots of cool lowrider stuff. I found some real gems though. 45 or Hummer speedo, a matching pair of copper headlights, and a couple other misc doo-dads. The highlight is the all-metal knockoff center caps for my slot mags. Stoked. Nobody had a decent deal on chinese lug nuts, so I ordered some USA made ones from Summit. I also found a cool banjo wheel, and earlier in the week I scored the cream of the crop, an old 60's Cragar gold metalflake steering wheel, 16" of pure rare goodness. Definitely going on the van, but it is a 4-hole mount unlike the standard 3-hole Grant Superior, Covico, etc. Going to make an adapter to adapt the adapter to the wheel. Confusing to me, but I think I have an idea on how to accomplish this. I would hate to drill extra holes in the wheel.

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