Sunday, May 6, 2012

Full Frontal

Got the two front wheels done. I'm stoked on the knock-offs. I have polished these as much as I felt I should. They would be 'too much' if I went crazy and made them a fully bright and shiny, a little grunge is good for the look of the van. The backs should go pretty quick. I found Roloc discs on a drill are the way to go, then lots of hand buffing.

In other van news, I upgraded to a Pertronix system this weekend. It would have all gone smoothly if the harmonic balancer had timing marks, and even more so, if the engine block had a timing pointer. I pulled the #1 plug, got it to TDC, stuck some timing tape on the balancer and made my own pointer. I then timed it to about 12˚ BTC. This van screams now. It's amazing how much you get used to a bad running machine. Plug wires, plugs, rotor, cap, and Flamethrower coil round out the rest.

Tried as much as I could to get the headers and side pipes on, but ran out of time this weekend. Soon.

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