Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring forward.

Still trying to decide on the springer. I love my ironhead the way it is, it is what I see when I close my eyes and imagine what an ironhead should look like. If I do the springer, (which is about 8 over) along with it comes a funky seat, new fender, sissy bar, rabbit ears, and frisco tank. I have collected all the parts to actually get the springer on, and already have some of the pieces to complete the 'look', but not sure if I'm into it. So I'm kinda stuck.

Along with that, I have trued up the spool to the best of my abilities, but it just is a hair off still. With a springer this narrow, and 1/8" room on each side,  not much room for a floppy wheel. Taking it to my local bike (bicycle) shop, to see if the guys over there can twist some spokes for me.

I am in the process of cleaning up a set of 900 'shovel' rockers. I have been putting off two rocker box gasket leaks and a somewhat heavy base gasket leak for a while. So, I have a little downtime anyway. Summer is fast approaching. Born Free 4?

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