Thursday, June 28, 2012

Step by Step

Since the ironhead blow-up, I had to get the jugs bored to .030 over, and my machinist gave me a nice set of hyper-something KB pistons. They have a cool shape to them, so it equalizes the burn across the dome of the piston. Even though I have dual-plugged heads, it will be nice to ditch the extra plugs, wires and coil. I put in one of those nice oil pre-filters as a precaution, and flushed the cases with kerosene. The oil was metal flake colored, which at least makes it period correct. I cut open the K&N filter that was in there, and found lots of miscellaneous junk clinging to the pleats. My conn rods are to spec, and the heads and jugs got a nice coat of black Duplicolor ceramic engine enamel. I polished up the 900 rockers I got from Atom, and those will be the crown jewels. While I have everything apart I am going to do a quick re-wire and make it look a little cleaner as I was rushed the first time around. It won't be prefect, but at least 50% less hack. Hoping to finish it this weekend, and do a few break-in runs at midnight next week. Want to try to make it to Midnight Mass and see the over saturation of old farts with flat-black cars and toy rats. They really have lowered their standards, which isn't saying much.

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