Saturday, July 28, 2012


I made this movie. It is not that great, but it really encompasses what I deal with every day at the store. Cankles and Crocs. Straight to hell for this guy.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Order Up.

Just finished these. The headlight is small, yet packs a good 50watts. Taillight is a Yankee 120 that I have desecrated and welded in a new substructure for the LED cluster (sorry knucklehead purist weirdos). I think I am going to run a taillight like this on the 45, and a headlight that's similar, only huge. Tiny chopper headlights are cool, but a fatso can also be classy.


I hate ebay. I have been selling some stuff on there lately to pay some bills, but it's not by choice. How else do you sell things nowadays? Swap meet? Maybe, but I don't have enough to take and spread out on a blanket, so I do ones and twos every now and then on ebay. Chop Cult and Jockey Journal are out usually due to the large amount of old period-correct d-nozzles, cheapskates and people who want "bro deals" (you can place the people on the respective sites I'm sure.)

Anyways, I sold this nice 45 cam cover to a guy in France, long story short, he is a dick. So I urge you not to send ANYTHING to a guy named vanille24xx or "Federic Nxx." He will try to extort you.

RIP cam cover, France is now excluded.

Monday, July 16, 2012

More swap meet scores

This van was kicking it for sale at the swap. Pretty bad-ass 75 Chevy. The guy selling it found it in his family garage, changed the fluids, fresh gas, and got it smogged. The inside was dope as well. AC is choice in a beast like this. $2000 and it could be yours.
Besides the tooth, found a couple of nice brass shells (don't worry, not going to put them on my bike and go Billy Lane status), some sweet little S&M lights, a nice KD light, an AMF license plate alarm, an 8-ball, an 18" rear sporty drum (going on the 45" once I re-spoke it), and a bad-ass tiny 2" HD speedo made by Veglia (it probably came off one of their crappy Italian bikes). Should be good for the 45, since I don't anticipate riding much more than 80, and short bursts at 88mph. The red tractor light is actually pretty sweet. Steel Guide with a screw-on terminal on the back. Think it will

Gold Toof

Found this at the swap meet yesterday. Kinda weird. It was in a greasy box of nuts and bolts. I'm going to send it away to that MC Hammer Gold company for some quick cash. It's possibly haunted.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Fair Lady

After many long nights at work, I clock into my second job in the garage. Finally, it's all together. After doing the heat cycling, decided to really push the envelope a ride out to Midnight Mass with Brian this afternoon. It was 99˚ when we left, which is of course not the recommended temp to break-in an engine. Lots or cool cars, lots that should have been turned away. Two really sweet bikes though, haha. I guess money is king, and the Poor Boys aren't so poor after all. Lotsa $10 beers, dudes with shirts off and girls a little too large to be a wearing clothes so small. Anyway, back to the ironhead...just need to tighten down a few bolts that are weeping a bit, and change the oil after the 50 miles I put on it. Hopefully Mike from Old-Stf grabbed some pics from the show of Brian's bike.

Monday, July 2, 2012


This is where I am as of 2am. Still to do...need to put some plain old drag pipes (classic for a reason), bolt on the tank, run the oil through until it comes out clean, time and tune. Sounds easy, but I am easily distracted. I dig the 900 rockers. I am just praying all the miscellaneous crap that fell down into the case while the jugs were off won't cause much of a problem....dirt, hair, an old boot, a tin can, a rusty spoon, rotten banana peel...etc. Guess I'll know soon enough, or 40 miles from now, or 100, or 780, or ....?