Sunday, July 22, 2012


I hate ebay. I have been selling some stuff on there lately to pay some bills, but it's not by choice. How else do you sell things nowadays? Swap meet? Maybe, but I don't have enough to take and spread out on a blanket, so I do ones and twos every now and then on ebay. Chop Cult and Jockey Journal are out usually due to the large amount of old period-correct d-nozzles, cheapskates and people who want "bro deals" (you can place the people on the respective sites I'm sure.)

Anyways, I sold this nice 45 cam cover to a guy in France, long story short, he is a dick. So I urge you not to send ANYTHING to a guy named vanille24xx or "Federic Nxx." He will try to extort you.

RIP cam cover, France is now excluded.

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