Monday, July 16, 2012

More swap meet scores

This van was kicking it for sale at the swap. Pretty bad-ass 75 Chevy. The guy selling it found it in his family garage, changed the fluids, fresh gas, and got it smogged. The inside was dope as well. AC is choice in a beast like this. $2000 and it could be yours.
Besides the tooth, found a couple of nice brass shells (don't worry, not going to put them on my bike and go Billy Lane status), some sweet little S&M lights, a nice KD light, an AMF license plate alarm, an 8-ball, an 18" rear sporty drum (going on the 45" once I re-spoke it), and a bad-ass tiny 2" HD speedo made by Veglia (it probably came off one of their crappy Italian bikes). Should be good for the 45, since I don't anticipate riding much more than 80, and short bursts at 88mph. The red tractor light is actually pretty sweet. Steel Guide with a screw-on terminal on the back. Think it will

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