Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Fair Lady

After many long nights at work, I clock into my second job in the garage. Finally, it's all together. After doing the heat cycling, decided to really push the envelope a ride out to Midnight Mass with Brian this afternoon. It was 99˚ when we left, which is of course not the recommended temp to break-in an engine. Lots or cool cars, lots that should have been turned away. Two really sweet bikes though, haha. I guess money is king, and the Poor Boys aren't so poor after all. Lotsa $10 beers, dudes with shirts off and girls a little too large to be a wearing clothes so small. Anyway, back to the ironhead...just need to tighten down a few bolts that are weeping a bit, and change the oil after the 50 miles I put on it. Hopefully Mike from Old-Stf grabbed some pics from the show of Brian's bike.


  1. Great looking build, congratulations.

  2. Thanks man. I checked out your blog...nice stuff. Real attention to detail.