Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Photo above not mine (I can't afford aluminum heads). Anyway, the 45" is slowly chugging along. Garry still has the motor and is wrapping it up as I type. I also gave him my early shovel 4-speed to do up. I am expecting a large bill for all this machine work, but I know it will be worth it. I imagine this engine will be bulletproof after this. I got an original springer on ebay last week, and unfortunately when it got here, it seems to be beyond repair. I contacted the seller, and he is working with me for a return, so it goes back to UPS tomorrow. Going to go with an all-black reproduction BT springer through Mike at Old-Stf. He has been helping me with advice and parts on this build. I am lucky to have him within an hour's drive of me. I have the wheels (both early Sportster drums 19/18), frame, oil tank, gas tank, and a few other parts stashed. Once I get the engine in for mock-up, I can start welding on mounts and such. Pretty excited.

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