Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Golden Goose

Got a old "Bates-Style" seat on ebay last week. Not too bad, a little rough. When it got to me, I noticed it had a golden tinge underneath the black vinyl cover. After peeling it off, it was refreshing to find a great example of a rare gold flake vinyl Bates. The skinny and thin one. Has some wear and tear, but still nice. I kind of was bummed because I was planning on using the black seat on my flathead, but i guess I will sell the Gold Bates to fund buying a new seat. Gold is just a bit too flashy for this bike. I don't much care for the Bates name, I just like the look of them when they are worn in. I think I will end up going with a Haifley Bros. thin pleated seat and mini p-pad combo.

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