Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Got the 38-40 knucklehead springer on, top clamp, and some older servi-car police bars on. I am not digging the bars that much, they really dwarf the tank. Maybe they'll just take some getting used to after having narrow bars on my other bikes for so long. I have a set of Biltwell 4-Aces coming that I will try out. Top clamp was a complete pain in the ass. Note to self, take off powdercoat before trying to jam a seemingly press-fit clamp on. Had to get real creative with all-thread, a rubber mallet, miscellaneous nuts and bolts, and a homemade puller. Also got the clutch and belt drive on (with the exception of the lock plate and keyway on the front pulley. The clutch hub gave me trouble fitting it in the basket, heat and cold did nothing. I finally stuck it in my drill press and pressed it on while it was frozen. A few other odds and ends were thrown on as well. My Haifley Bros. seat and pad is amazing, can't wait to mount them up.

Everything so far has been a bolt-on affair, it is time to do some actual 'work' on the bike. This weekend I am going to weld on the seat spring posts, gas tank bungs, and seat hinges. I am using two Biltwell hinges, one for the seat, one for the gas tank. I will be using a AHRMA-style rubber strap to mount the back of the tank, making it able to flip up and off with ease. I'm still torn on what I want to do with the wheels. They are pretty grimy, so I am not sure if I want to blow them apart and powder coat them, or wait until I have done a shake down on the bike and need to do paint and such on all the miscellaneous parts. Still a ways off.

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